International education

for an international internship applicant
in the framework of the international scholarship “Bolashak”

1. Total work experience of at least 3 years, including the last 12 (twelve) months in the chosen field of specialization;

2. The average score of the bachelor / specialist degree is not taken into account;

3. The correspondence of the specialty by invitation with the List of priority specialties (attached);

4. The internship is carried out only on the basis of foreign higher education institutions that are included in the List of leading foreign higher education institutions recommended for training to the winners of the competition for the award of the international scholarship “Bolashak”, as well as in recognized world, regional research centers, companies and industry organizations.


1. application form;

2. employer application for the preparation of a specialist with the condition of keeping the work place;

3. motivation letter;

4. recommendation letter;

5. originals and copies of ID and passport *;

6. the original and a copy of the bachelor’s or specialist’s diploma (in the case of studying in a foreign educational organization, a notarized copy of the certificate of recognition and nostrification of the education certificate or a copy of another document of recognition of the education certificate) *;

7. medical certificate 082/u;

8. originals and copies of documents confirming labor activity, as well as extracts about the mandatory pension contributions *;

9. A document confirming the unconditional offer (with the exception of financial conditions and conditions for raising the level of knowledge of a foreign language to the required level) of the host organization for an internship with a deadline, specialty, and cost (decoding calculations) for an internship, with a notarized translation into the state or Russian – see an example of internship cost deciphering;

10. internship program, compiled in accordance with the requirements and approved by the receiving and sending side;

11. the original and a copy of a valid official certificate of a foreign language examination, if available *;

12. the original and a copy of a valid official certificate of the state language examination, if available *;

13. a notarized power of attorney for a representative, if the applicant cannot personally submit the documents.

* original documents after verification are returned to the applicant.


I round. In the first round, independent experts who are members of the Independent Panel of Experts established by the Working Body conduct an anonymous, preliminary selection of applicants by evaluating the motivation and recommendation letters in accordance with the criteria established by the Working Body.

Motivation letter – 5 out of 10.

A letter of recommendation – 3 of 6.

II round. Exam on a foreign language knowledge.

In the absence of an official certificate of passing a foreign language exam, the applicant is sent to the language exam.

Requirement for passing score (if the invitation has a requirement for raising the level of a foreign language):

IELTS: 5.0 out of 9.0

TOEFL: ITP / PBT 417 out of 677

IBT: 35 out of 120

III round. Exam on the state language knowledge- Kaztest.

In the absence of an official certificate of passing the state language exam, the applicant is sent to Kaztest.

Test blocks Total number of test tasks The number of correct, sufficient responses Percentage
Listening 150 75 50%
Lexico-grammar test

IV round. Comprehensive testing of applicants. The result of this test is from 3.5 and higher.

V round. Interview with members of the independent expert commission (IEC).

In the fifth round, the level of professional preparation of an applicant, knowledge of strategic and program documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan on specialization, theoretical knowledge and professional competences in the chosen field of specialization are determined.

VI round. Meeting of the Republican Commission for training abroad.

The Republican Commission on the basis of the results of all the rounds of the bidding contest makes the final decision on awarding the Bolashak scholarship. Also, the decision of the Republican Commission indicates the need for language courses in accordance with the requirements of foreign higher education institutions, foreign organizations at the expense of the Bolashak scholarship.


After the decision of the Republican Commission for Training Abroad to award the Bolashak international scholarship, the fellow or his authorized representative must, within 90 calendar days from the day the scholarship is awarded, contact the Legal Department of the Center for International Programs JSC (hereinafter – the Administrator) and conclude a trilateral contract on the organization of training with the employer and the Administrator, as well as the contract of pledge of real estate. In the case of non-conclusion of contracts in time, the scholarship loses the status of the owner of the Bolashak international scholarship.


After concluding contracts within 10 days, depending on the country of study, the fellow should contact the Department of Training and Monitoring, with which the fellow will work throughout the entire period of study and where the fellow will be identified by the curator (in consultation with the Administrator it is proposed to determine the Law Enforcement Academy under the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

Also, after the conclusion of contracts should contact the Department of Finance to issue a payment card. It is necessary to start making the card about 1–1.5 months before leaving for study.

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