International cooperation

Effective implementation of the Kazakhstan-2050 Strategy, the Concept of Kazakhstan’s entry into the list of the world’s 30 most developed countries, five institutional reforms, the “100 concrete steps” nation plan and other conceptual documents involve a systematic study of international best practices, as well as interaction with leading academic and educational centres of foreign countries.

The need for further consolidation of international cooperation is conditioned by the globalization of the world educational space, in this context the harmonization of standards, the exchange of experience in the application of innovative technologies in the field of science and education will serve as a significant impetus to the further progressive development of the training system.

Work on studying the best world experience of scientific and educational institutions abroad and establishing interaction with them continues within the framework of the institutional development of the Academy.

The Academy actively interacts with such authoritative foreign scientific and educational institutions as the Academy of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation, the International Academy of Law Enforcement Agencies ILEA, the Academy of Justice of Turkey, and specialized universities in Germany, Great Britain, Israel, South Korea and other countries.

The Academy develops cooperation with the following international organizations and financial institutions: the World Bank, the OSCE Office of Programs in Astana, the Department for Drugs and Crime, the UNICEF United Nations Children’s Fund, Embassies and diplomatic missions of the advanced foreign countries.

Representatives of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Academy are actively participating in international scientific and practical conferences, round tables, educational seminars and trainings on various topical issues of ensuring regional security of observance of law and fighting crime.

Work is underway to create a Regional Hub to counter global threats: terrorism, illicit arms trafficking, financial and drug-cybercrimes at the initiative of the Academy with the support of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

The main goal of the hub is to increase the level of interaction between the law enforcement agencies of the Central Asian region, to develop the most appropriate and effective response to new threats and challenges of crime, especially its transnational organized forms, to exchange work experience, and to implement educational international projects in the Academy.

A number of meetings were held with representatives of international organizations, authoritative scientists from leading universities.

Arrangements have been made to organize training courses for law enforcement officers in India, as well as on the passage of scientific internships for postgraduates and doctoral students in 2016 in Turkey, Germany and Israel.