Center for Research on the Problems of Criminal Procedure

Shakarimov Adlet Salimkhanovich

Head of the center

Research experience: since 2019

Achievements: departmental medal of the financial police, diplomas

Research interests: criminal procedure, criminal law, rule-making, enforcement proceedings

Research activities:

author of scientific works “On the latency of economic crimes”, “On the differentiation of the amount of damage for tax crimes”, ” On medical crimes»;

co-author of the monographs “Issues of strengthening the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs and their legitimate interests”, “Strengthening guarantees for the protection of citizens ‘rights in criminal proceedings”, Methodological recommendations for the consideration of citizens ‘ appeals, the beginning and implementation of pre-trial investigations on the facts of raiding;

member of the author’s research team on the topic “Theoretical and applied issues of distinguishing corruption and management violations and excluding unjustified prosecution”.


Sagymbekov Bakhytzhan Zhasamuratovich

Chief Research Officer

Master of Laws (LLM, USA)

Achievements fellow of the Bolashak program, Co-author of the scientific and practical manual “Criminological characteristics and prevention of homicide: current state and prognosis”; Co-author of Methodological recommendations for the investigation of criminal cases of torture based on the standards of the Istanbul Protocol. He has published more than 20 scientific articles (including 3 articles in English).

He was awarded a Letter of Thanks in 2016, and a Certificate of Honor in 2017. He is listed on the Academy’s “Board of Honor”.

Research interests: international law, criminal law and procedure, administrative law.

Research activities: “Countering corruption in the new economic conditions”, “Countering illegal capital withdrawal”, “Narrowing the scope of the death penalty”, “Improving methods of countering cyber fraud, cybercrime and ensuring information security”. “Issues of strengthening the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of entrepreneurs”.


Kanat Zhamalkhanovich Baetov

Senior Researcher

Academic title, degree: Candidate of Legal Sciences

Education: higher legal education

Experience of scientific and pedagogical work: from 2004 to 2011, from 2020

Subjects taught: criminal law, criminology

Achievements: awarded with departmental awards of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dissertation: “Criminal-legal and criminological characteristics of violations of the statutory rules of relations between military personnel in the absence of subordination relations between them” (2009)

Research interests: The procedural position of the prosecutor in court proceedings; The development of the jury trial in Kazakhstan; Criminalistic features of collecting and securing evidence for military criminal offenses.

Research activity: scientific research “Actual problems of assessing the level of drug use in Kazakhstan”.


Tysip Tolegen Amantayuly

Senior Researcher

Research experience: since 2019

Achievements: awarded with departmental awards.

Research interests: criminal procedure, execution of sentences.

Research activities: Study of the causes of the growth of criminal offenses committed in the family and household sphere, as well as the problems of their prevention of the causes and conditions of commission, analysis of the commission of serious and especially serious crimes and their prevention. Scientific research “Improving the guarantees of protection of citizens’ rights in criminal proceedings»


Makhanov Talgat Gabitovich

Senior Researcher

Research experience: 8 years

Achievements: developed a methodology for predicting individual criminal behavior based on discriminant analysis using the SPSS package, a methodology for analyzing situations in the field of consideration of appeals (co-authored).

Participation in research: “Methodology for calculating the procedural costs of pre-trial investigation”; express research “On the feasibility of the existence of the institute of voluntary organizations of convicts in the Criminal Justice System of Kazakhstan”.

Co-author of the review “Crime prevention through criminological forecasting (on the example of the EKR)”.

Research interests: criminal law, corruption crime, sentencing.

Research activity: scientific research on the topic: “Methodology for calculating the procedural costs of pre-trial investigation”.


Talgat Maratovich Mukataev

Senior Researcher

Research experience: since 2017

Achievements: Awarded with jubilee medals of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, departmental awards of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan, honorary certificates of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

4 scientific articles were published.

Research interests: operational and investigative activities, prosecutor’s supervision.

Research activity: Is a member of the interdepartmental scientific research on the topic of: “Countering illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogues, and precursors distributed through Internet resources and mobile applications”.


Timur Kairatovich Avenov

Senior Researcher

Master of Law

Research experience: 6 years

Achievements: awarded with departmental awards of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Master’s degree on the topic: “The legal status of suspects and accused persons held in custody in a pre-trial detention center»

doctorate (PhD) on the topic: “Administrative responsibility for violation of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the procedure for organizing and holding public events»

Research interests: organization and holding of public events (rally, march, demonstration, picket, etc.), administrative law, administrative activity

Research activity: member of scientific projects: “Problems of the formation of zero tolerance in modern society”, “Actual problems of assessing the level of drug use in Kazakhstan”, “Forms of pre-trial investigation: problems and trends of development”, author of more than 25 scientific publications