List of documents

submitted to the Dissertation Council of the Academy

Before the defense admission:

1) an application addressed to the Chairman of the Dissertation Council on admission to defense (Appendix 11 to current Regulation);

2) a dissertation in hardcopy and on electronic media (CD-ROM) (hereinafter – electronic . The dissertation is presented in one of the following languages: state, Russian or English languages;

3) reviews of scientific advisers certified at their place of work;

4) the positive conclusion of the extended meeting of the University’s department on the basis of which the dissertation work of the applicant was done;

5) the positive conclusion of the extended meeting of the Academy’s department approved by the Vice-Rector in charge of science;

6) list of scientific works and their copies, at least 7 (seven) publications on the topic of the dissertation, including:

– at least 3 (three) articles in scientific publications included in the list of scientific publications recommended for publication of the main results of scientific activity approved by the Committee;

– 1 (one) article in international peer-reviewed scientific journal (in a publication that has a non-zero impact factor or is indexed in the database of the information company Clarivate Analytics (Web of Science Core Collection, Clarivate Analytics or included in the Scopus database, JSTORE or a foreign patent included in the Clarivate Analytics database (Web of Science Core Collection, Clarivate Analytics) or a document confirming a receipt of the state scientific scholarship for talented young scientists for the last 3 years or a prize in the field of science in accordance with the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of July 19, 2011 No. 830 “On prizes in Science and State Scientific Scholarships”;

– 3 (three) – in the materials or the theses of international conferences, including 1 (one) in the material of foreign conference.

The list of published scientific papers is drawn up in accordance with Appendix 12 to this Regulation and is provided by the applicant in electronic and printed form, certified by the signature of the Secretary of the Academic Council of the Academy (Academic Secretary of the Academic Council of the university, on the basis of which the dissertation work of the applicant was made), with copies of publications. Publications in international peer-reviewed scientific journals are confirmed by a certificate from the “National Center for State Scientific and Technical Expertise” (hereinafter referred to as NCSSTE);

7) an extract from the protocols of the meeting of the Academic Council of the university or other confirming documents on the approval of the topic of the dissertation, on the appointment of scientific advisers;

8) copies of diplomas on higher and postgraduate education and their attachments (copies of transcript) (a document confirming the change of the surname should be provided in case of change of the applicant’s last name);

9) a copy of the transcript about mastering the doctoral program;

10) information about an applicant according to the Appendix 13 to this Regulation;

11) a personal sheet with a photo on personnel records (track record), certified at the place of study by the personnel service of the university or at the place of work;

12) an abstract in state, Russian, English languages with a total volume of no less than 1 (one) printed sheet;

13) text of announcement (in state, Russian, English languages) (Appendix 14 to this Regulation);

After admission to the defense:

14) the reference of the NCSSTE on the verification of a dissertation for the use by the applicant of borrowed material without reference to the author and the source of borrowing;

15) reviews of 2 (two) official reviewers;

After the defense:

16) information on the spelling of the last name, first name and father’s name (if any) in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages;

17) an attendance list of members of the Dissertation Council on the form in accordance with Appendix 6 to this Regulation;

18) videotape in full and the protocols of the Dissertation Council meeting on the dissertation defense, signed by the Chairman and Scientific Secretary with the transcript of the meeting attached;

19) the dissertation registration card in the state and Russian languages ​​according to the form in Appendix 10 to this Regulation with the state registration number assigned by the NCSSTE;

20) a notice from the NCSSTE confirming the state registration of the dissertation.