Oralbek Erlan Toleuly

Senior Lecturer

Experience of scientific and pedagogical activity: 1 year and 4 months

Disciplines taught:

  • Representing the interests of the state in civil and administrative cases
  • Supervision over the legality of enforcement proceedings


  • awarded the badge “The best of the Prosecutor’s Office 2nd degree”, a diploma of the Rector of the Law Enforcement Academy
  • has been repeatedly encouraged by orders of the heads of the prosecutor’s office of the Pavlodar region for achieving high results in work, exemplary performance of official duty
  • has certificates of the OSCE and other organizations
  • Publications: In the departmental journal “Law and Time” article on the topic: “Features of foreclosure on receivables and property rights”

Area of ​​scientific interests: legislation on administrative offenses, enforcement proceedings.

Research activities:

  • Methodical recommendations on collection of receivables and property rights – 2018.


Mukanov Sabyrzhan Amanzholovich

A teacher

Teaching experience: 5 months

Disciplines taught:

  • Supervision in the social sphere (labor, health care, protection of the rights of minors)
  • Supervision in the economic sphere (public procurement, taxes)
  • The system of prosecutors
  • The procedure for the interaction of prosecutors with state and law enforcement agencies
  • Organization of information and analytical activities in the prosecution authorities
  • The normative activity of the prosecutor’s office
  • Rules of work in the prosecution authorities
  • Countering extremism and terrorism
  • The main directions of the sectoral order of the State Enterprise of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the tasks of supervision and the goals of their implementation
  • The stages of verification – the grounds, preparation, appointment and implementation. The procedure for the preparation, appointment and conduct of audits of compliance with the rule of law in the activities of state, local representative and executive bodies, local governments and their officials
  • Developing skills to prepare acts of response and supervision. Registration of official documents, official letters and requests
  • The procedure for analyzing the state of legality in the socio-economic sphere using IS, legal monitoring
  • Assessment of acts and decisions of the government, other state, local representative, and executive bodies, bodies of local self-government of their officials, as well as other organizations

Achievements: He was awarded medals of the medal “For Irreproachable Service” ІІ and I degree, 2 anniversary medals of the Republic of Kazakhstan, departmental awards of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Area of ​​scientific interests: protection of public interests (general supervision).

Research activities:

2 practical recommendations were prepared on the issues of preparation, appointment and conduct of legality checks in the activities of state, local representative and executive bodies, local self-government bodies and their officials, as well as the rule-making activities of law enforcement bodies.