# Theme of dissertational research
6D030100 – Jurisprudence
1 Actual problems of revealing the disclosure and investigation of corruption offenses in higher educational institutions
2 Methods of investigation of crimes related to non-fulfillment of obligations on minors’ education
3 Problems of legal regulation and practice of applying additional penalties for corruption crimes in the Republic of Kazakhstan
4 Methods of investigation of fraudulent actions in the sphere of real estate objects
5 Protection of the rights of citizens and the interests of the state in the production of unsolicited investigative actions
6 Methodology for investigating crimes related to forgery of excisable goods
7 Problems of combating crimes in the field of information technology
8 Improvement of the criminal legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the light of the implementation of criminal policy
9 Problems of investigation of crimes in the monetary sphere
10 Theoretical legal and organizational issues of prosecutor’s supervision in the field of foreign investment regulation
6D030300 – Law enforcement activities
1 Actual issues of countering unauthorized seizures of lands and their illegal sale: criminal law and criminological aspects
2 Methodology for investigating crimes in the sphere of high technologies
3 Problems of prevention of offenses among minors
4 Non-traditional branches of forensic technology
5 The activities of law enforcement agencies to ensure the protection of entrepreneurs’ rights in the Republic of Kazakhstan: problems and prospects
6 Administrative and legal regulation of the prevention and suppression of group violations of public order during mass events in the Republic of Kazakhstan
7 Criminological support of military security of the Republic of Kazakhstan
8 Problems of implementation of international standards on combating transnational organized crime in the criminal legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan
9 Problems of qualification of certain types of corruption crimes
10 Problems of prosecutorial supervision over the application of land legislation
11 Penalties for criminal offenses: the current state and development trends
12 Counteraction of crime in the fuel and energy complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan: actual problems of theory and practice
13 Institute of Probation: Timely Status and Development Prospects in the Republic of Kazakhstan
6M030100 – “Jurisprudence”
 1 Legal guarantees of observance of citizens’ constitutional rights in criminal proceedings
2 Topical issues of e-Government as a factor of corruption reduction in the Republic of Kazakhstan: legal comparative analysis
3 Procedural activity of the prosecutor’s office of the Republic of Kazakhstan: evaluation of effectiveness, main directions of improvement
4 Actual problems of the prosecutor’s supervision over the legality of execution and application of other measures of state coercion
5 Methods of Investigation of Crimes in the Sphere of Trafficking in Human Beings
6 Legal guarantees of observance of citizens’ constitutional rights in criminal proceedings
7 Issues of non-repayment, identification and investigation of national and foreign currencies abroad
8 International Experience in Prevention and Combating Terrorism
9 Theoretical and practical problems of the Prosecutor’s supervision of the legality of pre-trial investigation of criminal offenses in transport
10 Problems of Countering Terrorism and Extremism
11 Actual problems of restriction of taxpayer’s property and its subsequent sale
12 Actual issues of enforcement proceedings: problems, prospects for development
13 Forensic support in disclosure and investigation of crimes
14 Institute of Procedural Agreement in the Criminal Procedural Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan
15 Procedural matters in the case of conciliation
16 Problems of return of stolen assets from abroad in the Republic of Kazakhstan
17 Topical issues of conditional early release in the Republic of Kazakhstan
18 Common problems of confiscation prior to sentencing
19 International cooperation in the prevention of juvenile crime: issues of theory and practice
20 Investigation, pre-trial investigation of investigative group
21 Exemption from criminal liability in connection with reconciliation: theory and practice
22 Problems of Investigation of Economic Crimes Committed by Legal Entities: Features and Methodology
23 Life imprisonment: criminal law and criminal-executive aspects
24 Interaction of states on counteracting transnational crime: problems and solutions
25 Forensic and procedural aspects of pre-trial fraud investigation
26 Establishment and reimbursement of damage caused to the state by economic crimes: problems and solutions
27 Problems of investigating criminal offenses that infringe on the honor and dignity of the individual (slander and insult)
28 Problems of Investigating False Enterprises
29 Implementation of international legal norms in the field of combating crime: theory and practice
30 Problems of realization of labor rights of law enforcement officers
 31 System and types of punishments for committing crimes under the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan: current status and implementation problems
32 Criminally-legal problems of counteraction to swindle: a modern condition and prospects of development
33 Administrative liability for offenses in the field of road safety
34 Problems of Legal Regulation of Pledge Relations under the Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan
35 Prosecutor’s supervision of the application of laws in the field of customs (theory and practice)
36 The role of the media in crime prevention
37 Problems of development of expert and criminal activity in law enforcement bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan: genesis, state and prospects
38 Actual problems of countering pseudo-entrepreneurship in the Republic of Kazakhstan by criminal legal means
39 Actual problems of assessing the effectiveness of the prosecutor’s office as a special type of civil service
40 Legal regulation of surrogate motherhood in Kazakhstan: theory and practice
6M030300 – Law enforcement activities
 1 Actual problems of combating corruption in the field of higher education
2 Economic approaches to the assessment of costs of stages of pre-trial proceedings
3 Counteraction to legalization of proceeds from crime: problems and ways to improve
4 Criminological problems of counteraction to extremism
5 Problems of criminological characteristics of the terrorist’s identity
6 International cooperation in combating terrorism and extremism: issues of theory and practice
7 Pre-trial proceedings on criminal cases: criminal procedural and criminal aspects
8 Institute of Procedural Prosecutor in the light of new requirements of the criminal procedure legislation
9 Theoretical and practical problems of disclosure and pre-trial investigation of the murder of past years
10 Use of the results of operational-search activity in the detection and investigation of criminal offenses related to the illicit traffic in narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances of precursors
11 Actual problems of the institution of complicity in the criminal legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan
12 Actual problems of combating human trafficking: criminological and criminal law aspects
13 Counteraction to fraud committed using information technology: current state and development prospects
14 Legal basis of fight against illegal export of capital abroad
15 Identification and investigation of commercial bribery
16 State Legal Support of Information Security of the Republic of Kazakhstan
17 Theoretical and practical problems of proving the rights and freedoms of the individual in the operational-search activity and the measures of prosecutorial supervision over their observance
18 The system and types of criminal penalties for minors: problems of legislative regulation and practice of application
19 Administrative Responsibility in the Conditions of Digitalization
20 Problems of establishing criminal liability of legal entities in the criminal legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan
21 The problems of proving bribery during the pre-trial investigation
22 Procedural agreement in the light of solving the tasks of the criminal process
23 Problems of Counteracting the Financing of Terrorism
24 Prospects for the development of measures of procedural coercion in criminal proceedings
25 Problems of involving minors in the commission of criminal offenses
26 Actual problems of improving the system of corruption crimes under the criminal legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan
27 Problems of combating theft of funds in the field of public procurement
28 The problems of investigating crimes related to official forgery
29 Problems of ensuring the rights and legitimate interests of subjects of operational-search legal relations in the process of prosecutorial supervision
30 Problems of pre-trial investigation of criminal offenses against property
31 Prosecutor’s supervision over compliance with the law in the field of operational and investigative activities: modern problems of theory and practice
32 Prosecutor’s supervision over the application of environmental legislation
33 Judicial protection as an effective way to protect human rights
34 Theoretical and Applied Problems of Observance of Individual Rights and Freedoms in the Implementation of the operatively-search activity
35 Problems of Disclosure and Investigation of Crimes Committed by Migrants in the Republic of Kazakhstan
36 Actual problems of mediation in the criminal justice case of the Republic of Kazakhstan
37 Criminal liability for bribery: problems of legal regulation and application
38 Problems of the fight against unlawful acquisition of a car or other vehicle: the theory and practice
39 Criminal-legal issues of abuse of power or authority
40 Issues of investigation of crimes committed by organized groups and leaders in places of deprivation of liberty