Materials of the international scientific and practical conference “Development of modern legal science: theory and practice”

Chairman of Editorial Board Sh.Sh. Shayakhmetov— Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor.

Members of the Editorial Board:
S.M. Saparalieva – Candidate of Legal Sciences;
B.G. Nurmagambetov – Candidate of Political Science, Associate Professor;
N.Sh. Zhampeisov — Candidate of Legal Sciences;
R.R. Nugmanov — Candidate of Legal Sciences;
K.K. Seitenov K. K. — doctor of legal Sciences, Professor;
M.Zh. Zhaskairat – Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor;
V.V. Khan — Candidate of Legal Sciences;
A.V. Syrbu — Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor;
M.M. Esirkepova – Doctor of PhD;
M.E. Toleuova – Master of Law.

Z.Zh. Kalmurzina – Master of Law (editor of the text in Kazakh and Russian);
J.I. Yesimhan — Master of Pedagogical Sciences (editor of text in English);
R.A. Lagutin – editor of the text in Russian;
D.A. Smagulova – technical editor.

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