On improving the Institute of procedural costs

The Law Enforcement Academy held an online international round table on the topic “the Institute of procedural costs in criminal proceedings – problems and prospects”.

The forum was attended by representatives of higher and departmental educational institutions, law enforcement agencies, domestic and foreign legal scholars.

The main item on the agenda was the discussion of the results of the research “Procedural costs of pre-trial investigation in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, conducted by the Interdepartmental Research Institute of the Academy.

The participants of the meeting highly appreciated the work done and expressed their wishes. In particular, authors have proposed a method for calculating the procedural costs of pre-trial investigation on the drive and search, which has received favorable reviews from scientists.

It is generally agreed that practical and methodological recommendations will serve as a good basis for continuing analytical work aimed at improving the institution of procedural costs.

According to the results of the round table, it is planned to publish a collection of reports.