To improve the effectiveness of investigation and documentation of torture

The Law Enforcement Academy together with The Representative Office of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Kazakhstan held an online seminar “Effective investigation and documentation of torture and ill-treatment in accordance with the Istanbul Protocol” from 18 to 19 August.

The training was organized for employees of the Prosecutor’s office, the National Anticorruption Bureau, forensic medical expertise, as well as lawyers of the Pavlodar and East Kazakhstan regions.

Opening training event, Vice-rector of the Academy Maralbek Asimov and head of the Fund Zauresh Shutova stressed the importance of pursuing it in the context of increase of efficiency of investigation of criminal cases in this category, strengthen the protection of citizens’ constitutional rights.

As noted by speakers, the problem of torture remains acute. Effective detection and investigation of such facts depends largely on the qualifications and investigative and operational experience of employees.

During the training, the issues of documenting torture and improving important and urgent procedures for detecting ill-treatment of people were discussed.

The participants of the seminar got acquainted with international legal standards for the protection of the right to freedom from torture, features of the investigation of torture, documentation of traces, and interpretation of medical data. In order to acquire the necessary skills to identify and document facts, they practiced interviewing victims of torture and solving case problems.

Joint educational activities of the Academy and the F.Ebert Foundation dedicated to the problem of countering torture were also held in other regions of the country.

As a result, the participants were awarded certificates.