Current problems of prevention and prevention of juvenile delinquency

Team of authors: Alimkulov N. S. – subsection 1.1; Akhmetova R. D., Bekbasova G. D. – subsections 1.2, 1.3; Akhmetova D. M. – subsections 1.4, 4.1; Makhanov T. G. – subsection 2.1; Shotkin B. Zh. – subsection 2.3 (co – authored with Kulimbetov E. Zh.), Chapter 3; Kapiaskarov R. S., Shaimerdenova A. K. – subsections 2.2, 4.2.

The paper considers the current situation of juvenile delinquency, the criminological portrait of a minor criminal, and suggests organizational and procedural measures that will allow developing effective forms and methods of preventing juvenile delinquency.
The publication is intended for law enforcement officers, as well as teachers, undergraduates and doctoral students of Universities, including departmental ones.