The Law Enforcement Academy under the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan (phone for information: 8-702-313-25-27, e-mail:, Akmola region, Tselinogradsky district, Kosshy village, Republic street 16) announces a competition to occupy a vacant position

1. Assistant to the Rector of the Organization and Control Department of the Administration of the Law Enforcement Academy, category C-AGP-5, 1 unit.

The official salary, depending on the length of service, is from 199,268 to 268,994 tenge.

Responsibilities: daily monitors the media on the coverage of the Academy, the results of which are reported to the Rector of the Academy; conducts systematic monitoring of the media to identify publications about negative facts in the activities of the Academy, provides an adequate and timely response to them from the Academy; carries out the preparation of a media digest on the political and socio-economic situation, the activities of the Academy and the situation in the law enforcement system as a whole; provides announcement and accreditation of journalists for official events of the Academy; participates in the development of draft legal acts, including those related to the activities of the Academy; provides and participates in press conferences, briefings and other information events; provides the formation of a statistical report on the legal work of the Academy; Carries out the study, processing and control of incoming analytical materials on the issues being supervised, develops relevant proposals on them for management decision-making by management; provides preparation of materials for various events with the participation of the Rector of the Academy on supervised subjects, including those conducted by the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Prosecutor General’s Office, other state bodies, as well as consultative and advisory bodies under the President and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan; carries out other instructions from the leadership of the Academy.

Requirements for participants:

Higher education corresponding to the functional areas of a particular position; suitability for health reasons to serve in law enforcement agencies; the presence of the required knowledge and skills necessary for the performance of functional duties in a particular position.

work experience must meet one of the following requirements:

1) at least six years of service in the prosecutor’s office, including at least six months in managerial positions or at least one year in positions of equal or next lower category;

2) at least eight years of service in the law enforcement bodies, including at least two years in senior positions;

3) or at least nine years of civil service, including at least three years in senior positions;

4) or at least ten years of work experience in areas corresponding to the functional areas of a particular position in this category, including at least four years in senior positions or at least five years in the lower category.

Note: for non-guiding positions, seniority in managerial positions is not required.

The following documents are submitted for participation in the competition:

1) an application in the prescribed form;

2) a questionnaire in the prescribed form;

3) a completed personal sheet for personnel records (indicating the address of the actual place of residence and telephones, including contact numbers) in the prescribed form;

4) a completed detailed autobiography, written personally and in print, indicating close relatives, including former spouses in the prescribed form;

5) a copy of an identity document of a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, notarized;

6) copies of documents on education, notarized;

7) copies of a document confirming labor activity, notarized;

8) a copy of the military ID or certificate of registration to the draft station;

9) 3×4 photos (3 pieces);

10) documents confirming the submission of a citizen and his spouse (spouse) to the state revenue authority at the place of residence with a declaration of income and property in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 18, 2015 “On Combating Corruption”;

11) the results of computer testing for knowledge of the norms of the current legislation are not lower than the threshold values valid at the time of submission of documents for participation in the tender.

12) the results of medical and psychophysiological examinations, including polygraph examinations, in military medical commissions to determine suitability for service in the prosecutor’s office and a mandatory special check;

13) certificates of legal statistics and special registration authorities on the absence of a criminal record, bringing to administrative responsibility in the court for a deliberate offense, disciplinary and administrative liability for corruption offenses during the year;

14) characteristics from the last place of work (study).

Citizens can provide additional information regarding their education, work experience, professional level and business reputation (copies of documents on advanced training, assignment of academic degrees and titles, characteristics, recommendations, scientific publications).

Documents must be submitted within 5 working days from the date of the last publication of the announcement of the competition at the address: Akmola region, Tselinogradsky district, Kosshy village, Republic street 16.

Law Enforcement Academy
under the Prosecutor General’s Office
Republic of Kazakhstan