Strengthening the professional core of law enforcement

Today at the Law Enforcement Academy, regular training courses for staff members of the Presidential Reserve have started.

The training will be conducted by the heads of the prosecutor’s office, internal affairs, anti-corruption service and the economic investigation service.

Opening the event, the rector of the Academy, Yergali Merzadinov, noted the important role of the Presidential Reserve Institute in the context of the qualitative strengthening of the professional core of law enforcement agencies and the training of effective leaders of the new formation.

The main goal of the training is to improve the professional and managerial competence required for appointment to senior management positions.

The courses are equipped with important and useful knowledge needed by a modern leader. Students master modern technologies of strategic management and planning, development of leadership and communication skills, skills of effective team leadership, learn the ability to make prompt and appropriate decisions in various crisis situations.

This is aimed at modern innovative approaches to the organization of the educational process, the topics of courses, pool of trainers, teaching methods.

Trainings and master classes are conducted by famous statesmen, heads of law enforcement agencies, reputable scientists and practitioners.