On compliance with the constitutional framework in criminal proceedings

The scientific and practical seminar “The supremacy of the constitutional foundations in the criminal process” was held at the Law Enforcement Academy under the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Representatives of the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Council, law enforcement agencies, scientific and educational institutions took part in its work.

During the meeting, topical issues of observing constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens in criminal proceedings were discussed.

As noted by the forum participants, compliance with constitutional principles in the criminal process is one of the main criteria for evaluating the activities of the law enforcement system. Kazakhstan is taking consistent measures to strengthen the rule of law in the criminal law sphere and to strengthen the protection of the rights of citizens involved in the orbit of the criminal process.

During the discussions, topical issues of compliance with human rights standards and the compliance of national norms of criminal procedure legislation with international legal principles were raised.

As a result of the seminar, recommendations were developed on further improving the institutions of the criminal process, observing the procedural guarantees of participants in criminal proceedings, and upgrading the qualifications of prosecutors and investigators.