Press Tour at the Academy

On October 3, 2019, a press tour for representatives of the media was held at the Law Enforcement Academy under the Prosecutor General’s Office.

The event was organized in gratitude to journalists for fruitful cooperation and mutual understanding, objective and friendly coverage of the university.

During the meeting, the Academy staff briefly told the guests about the order and work of the main locations of the educational institution.

Among them is a multimedia class with the functions of a language laboratory, the software of which allows the teacher to divide the class and send them group tasks in the form of pictures, audio and video files, as well as accept group and individual answers.

Correspondents familiarized themselves with the process of simulation exercises in the training room of the court session (trial simulation), where trials are organized on the basis of real criminal cases that have passed the stages of the trial not only in the courts of first instance, but also in appeal and cassation.

The work of an interactive combat shooting range has been demonstrated, which allows the training of employees in various variations, from checking documents with a group of suspicious persons, taking hostages, to neutralizing armed persons in various places.

A training ground for investigative-operational work is shown, which includes a classroom and 4 rooms: “Office-bookkeeping”, “Cabinet of interrogations and identifications”, “Living room”, “Underground workshop”.

They told and showed how the monitoring and quality control of the scientific and educational process is carried out.

The program of the press tour also included the hall of international meetings, sports, assembly, reading rooms, a library and other locations.

In general, journalists are provided with detailed information on all areas of the university.

At the end of the event, representatives of the Academy expressed their gratitude to reporters for the interaction and objective coverage of events significant for the Academy, wished them creative inspiration and successful implementation of new ideas and projects.