A five-day simulation training on the negotiation process and conflict management has started

The practice of law enforcement agencies firmly includes negotiations to prevent crime, in order to preserve the life and health of people, material and other values.

Negotiating requires high professionalism from the employee, which is achieved by constant training and education.

A simulation training seminar on negotiation and conflict management for the prosecutors, police and the National Security Committee has begun on September 16 this year on the basis of the Law Enforcement Academy.

The training event was organized with the support of the Israeli Embassy in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the OSCE Program Office in Nur Sultan and is held on the recommendation of participants in a similar event held in July last year.

Representatives of Israeli law enforcement services, who have extensive experience in conducting the negotiation process in times of crisis, will act as experts.

In the process of the educational event, it is planned to study the techniques, criteria, tasks and tactics of successful negotiation, as well as to consider skills in crisis situations.

One day of the training will be held in the form of a practical exercise, where employees of special and law enforcement agencies will have a unique opportunity to see the negotiation process as a concrete example, thereby being immersed in a real environment.

In addition, the students themselves will be involved in role-playing games and will have the opportunity to be in the role of negotiator.

The event runs until September 20, 2019.