Workshop on financial crime and recovery of stolen assets

A workshop on financial crime and return of stolen assets was completed at the Law Enforcement Academy under the Prosecutor General’s office of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The training was attended by judges, prosecutors, the anti-corruption service, the economic investigation service and the police.

The interdepartmental training format is dictated by the lack of a unified practice, the need to exchange experience in the investigation and judicial review of crimes of this category.

Within 3 days, using real-life cases as an example, the participants studied the capabilities of the financial intelligence and international cooperation divisions to solve financial crimes and return illegal assets, got acquainted with the work of payment systems, concepts and schemes of money laundering, and features of conducting an internal investigation in the banking sector.

National experts shared the methods of using cryptocurrencies and the Darknet network as a means of laundering proceeds from crime.

International experts Yehuda Schaffer (Ex Deputy Prosecutor General of Israel / former head of the financial intelligence unit, Israel) and Aurelius Gutauskas (Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Criminal Cases, Lithuania) made foreign experience in recovering stolen assets and legalizing criminal proceeds.

As the experts noted: “The greatest benefit of the seminars is the creation of networking. We exchanged knowledge and experience with our colleagues from Kazakhstan, such an exchange is necessary in the fight against money laundering, international cooperation, as well as knowledge of the mechanisms will allow us to find stolen funds and return the state to the treasury as quickly as possible. ”

The logical conclusion of the seminar was the presentation of the work done on the training corner case and the sentence’s SWOT analysis.

In general, the participants noted the high level of organization of the event, the content and practical usefulness of training in developing effective approaches to countering financial crime.