Regular meeting of the Scientific and Methodological Council

A regular meeting of the Scientific and Methodological Council was held at the Academy of Law Enforcement Agencies.

The Council was attended by members of Parliament, representatives of the central offices of law enforcement agencies, departmental universities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as scientists and public figures.

The meeting discussed the results of interdepartmental research work, and also approved the research topic for 2023-2025 “Information technologies (artificial intelligence) in the activities of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Commonwealth of Independent States.”

In the outgoing year, the topics of scientific papers were related to the issues of general legal principles of criminal procedure, the Institute of Financial Investigations, the legal status of the prosecutor in Kazakhstan and CIS countries, the identity of the criminal, prevention of juvenile delinquency, public safety, the institute of private bailiffs, the reintegration of persons released from prison. In addition to domestic scientists, experts from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus and the Russian Federation took part in the research.

Analyzing the results of the work carried out, the members of the NMS noted the relevance and relevance of scientific research in normative and law enforcement activities, their compliance with the strategic and program documents of the country.

The conducted scientific research is recognized as completed. The Council has set new vectors of work for 2023.


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