Features of the qualification of mass riots

A round table on the qualification and investigation of mass riots was held at the Academy of Law Enforcement Agencies as part of its research on this topic.

Scientists, special prosecutors, representatives of investigative units of the National Security Committee, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Academy staff took part in its work.

The discussions discussed conflicts and gaps in the current legislation that affect the qualification of such offenses.

Among them:

— the absence of a definition of “mass riots” in the legislation;

— the impossibility of bringing to criminal responsibility for “passive” participation in mass riots;

— the disputability of finding article 272 in chapter 10 of the Criminal Code – “Criminal offenses against public safety and public order”.

The results of the discussion will be summarized and used in the future as part of a scientific study on the topic: “Peculiarities of qualification and investigation of mass riots”.


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