Deputy Prosecutor General Ulan Baizhanov held a lecture for students of initial professional training

The event took place today at the Academy with the participation of candidates for service in the prosecutor’s office and financial monitoring bodies, management and teaching staff of the university.

The main topic of the lecture was one of the most important activities of law enforcement agencies – the return of stolen assets. In his speech, Ulan Saparovich touched upon the main problems in this area, spoke about the measures taken by the Prosecutor General’s Office and the priorities for the coming period.

In addition, U.S. Baizhanov, being the first rector of the Academy and the author of the idea of the initial vocational training program, shared with the audience the history of its implementation.

Much attention was paid to the importance of continuous professional development and the implementation of moral and ethical standards of behavior of employees, whose primary vocation is to serve for the benefit of the people of Kazakhstan.

In conclusion, Ulan Saparovich answered the questions of the audience and wished them a successful and fruitful study.

It should be noted that the direct participation of the leadership of law enforcement agencies in the educational process is an important part of the training of future generations of employees.