The pilot project “Criminological forecasting of regional crime” was presented

A presentation of a pilot project on criminological forecasting of regional crime, organized by the prosecutor’s office, was held in the Akimat of Shymkent.

The project defines new strategic approaches to crime prevention, crime analysis and forecasting, and long-term planning of the activities of criminal prosecution bodies.

One of the key areas of this work is the creation of a criminological forecast by “matching”, with the consolidation of information from government agencies. In order to switch to a new format for registering “digital traces” of crimes and their identification, it is planned to make adjustments to the databases.

In order to improve the electronic registration of convicts, it is proposed to additionally indicate their professional competence for subsequent employment in places of serving sentences.

The introduction of the electronic chat “Precinct” and the telegram bot “Tura zhol” is designed to improve the law enforcement practice of the police, to increase the awareness of employees about the situation in the entrusted territory.

The creation of a “Digital Technology Park” at the I-Shymkent site will allow to “digitize” every citizen, as well as automate many business processes.

Residents of the city will be informed about the progress of the pilot project on a quarterly basis.

The project is being implemented by the Academy of Law Enforcement Agencies together with the Committee on Legal Statistics and Special Accounts and the City Prosecutor’s Office.