A passport to profession

The new Law “On the Prosecutor’s Office” (Article 22) defines the direct competence of the Academy for the professional training of candidates for service. Therefore, it is proposed to introduce a new model of professional training of candidates.

The General Prosecutor’s Office conducts preliminary selection of candidates and sends them to study at the Academy. Training in the specialty is proposed to be made the final stage of selection for work in the prosecutor’s office.

The course is designed for 2 years. The first year is practical-oriented training, the second year is an internship in law enforcement agencies. This approach will allow us to instill in-depth professional knowledge and skills. After the training, young cadres will be ready for a full service from the very first days.

In the transition period, the following algorithm is proposed for the timely replacement of the newly created vacancies.

The Prosecutor General conducts the selection of candidates. A rating of candidates is made after preliminary procedures (testing, essays, cases). Those who score the maximum points are immediately assigned to positions. It is proposed to temporarily maintain the current procedure – a 1-month special initial training course according to the established schedule.

The following 300 candidates are sent to a 2-year training in a specialty.

In 2018, a new model is proposed to be tested in the prosecutor’s office. The approval of the President’s Administration is necessary to its dissemination to the National Bureau and the Economic Investigation Service.

Since 2020, only those who have successfully completed training in the specialty will be accepted for service in law enforcement agencies (with the exception of the Ministry of Internal Affairs).