A passport to profession

The Academy is working on the introduction of initial training. Training programs that contain the basics and the specifics of the service in each body have already been prepared.

The development of skills in all branches of supervision is envisaged for the prosecutor’s office. Candidates for the anti-corruption service and the Economic investigation service will study the basics of investigative and operational work.

A Roadmap was developed together with the Department of Personnel Development for the implementation of initial professional training for persons entering law enforcement for the first time.

The experience of Uzbekistan and Ukraine has been studied to minimize the risks. They have similar models of training recruits.

Pursuant to paragraph 66 of the National Action Plan (on the implementation of the Head of State’s Address to the people of Kazakhstan of October 5, 2018), the Prosecutor General’s Office, together with law enforcement agencies, is working on the issue of legislative consolidation of the new personnel selection institute – initial professional training (hereinafter referred to as professional training).

Amendments to the Law “On Law Enforcement Service” were agreed with the Head of the Presidential Administration (Resolution No. 5158-2 of December 20, 2018) and included in the draft law “On Amendments and Additions to Certain Legislative Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Civil Service and Anti-Corruption” ( is under consideration in the Majilis of Parliament).

Previously it was determined that the period of professional training for persons entering the prosecutor’s office, anti-corruption service and economic investigation service will be 1 year (6 months of education and 6 months of internship), for those entering the internal affairs bodies – 6 months (for investigators, criminologists) and 3 months (for sergeants and officers of the Criminal executive service, local police service).

At the same time, together with law enforcement agencies, the issue of unification of training periods for candidates for the anti-corruption service, the economic investigation service with six months for investigators and operative bodies of internal affairs was discussed.

The law enforcement agencies agreed to reduce the period of professional training for candidates for service in the anti-corruption service, the service of economic investigations to 6 months (5 months of training and 1 month of internship).

Taking into account the specifics of the activities of the prosecution authorities, which require professional training of candidates for service in all branches of law, it seems expedient to maintain a one-year professional training period for candidates to prosecution authorities.

Currently, the draft law is in the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan for consideration by the Republican Budget Commission.