The specifics of the investigation of terrorist and extremist crimes were studied at regular courses organized by the Academy of Law Enforcement Agencies together with the US Embassy in Kazakhstan.

The training event was made possible thanks to bilateral fruitful cooperation in the most important areas of combating crime and ensuring international security.

The most promising vector of interaction was joint work within the framework of the Regional Hub for Countering Global Threats, created on the basis of the Academy. Noting the importance of using the potential of the international training ground to strengthen the fight against terrorism and extremism, the US Embassy provides significant support and assistance in promoting the project.

Employees of the Prosecutor’s Office and internal affairs bodies were trained.

The participants got acquainted with the best practices of organizing the investigation of crimes of this category, the formation of an effective investigation team and external communications.

Trainings for Kazakhstani specialists were conducted by representatives of the Department for Counterterrorism Assistance of the US State Department and the FBI.