Advanced training courses

The Academy of Law Enforcement Agencies continues to work on improving the professional level and training the management of law enforcement agencies.

Regular courses for employees of the personnel reserve of the Prosecutor’s Office and future heads of the Economic Investigation Service have been completed.

The task of the Academy is to help students in their professional and personal growth, to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills that are necessary in everyday work for the effective performance of managerial tasks.

The students studied the basics of management and project management, learned how to be successful managers, make quick and adequate decisions in various crisis situations, and compiled a personal leadership development program.

The lectures were supported by solving case problems, using modern interactive forms and methods, considering specific examples and situations, working out and consolidating the knowledge gained on solving practical problems.

Practical classes were devoted to the specifics of conducting Internet search activities, computer-technical research, as well as using the capabilities of international information exchange tools.

To assess the effectiveness of training and the degree of mastering the knowledge received by the students before and after the course, entrance and exit control were carried out.