The National Testing Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter — the Center) has been accepting applications for the entrance exam in foreign languages since June 18, 2021.

The application for the entrance exam in foreign languages is submitted through the information system of the Center.

To apply, a candidate for admission to master’s and doctoral studies:

  1. visits the website and selects the interface language;
  2. it is registered in the application submission system by e-mail (in the letter sent to the e-mail, it is mandatory to confirm the e-mail);
  3. it is authorized through the received username and password in the application system (you can not delete the letter where the username and password are specified);
  4. Specifies the IIN, presses the search button (the full name comes out automatically), specifies the contact phone number;
  5. goes to the “Submit an application” tab and selects the type of testing (postgraduate education ® entrance exam in a foreign language (for non-citizen organizations of higher and postgraduate education);
  6. when filling out the application, indicate the level of education, the name of the organization of postgraduate education (Academy of Law Enforcement Agencies under the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan), the language of passing a foreign language;
  7. agrees and confirms familiarization with the rules of testing;
  8. selects the payment method and makes a payment for testing;

After successfully completing all the stages, a message will be displayed: “The application has been submitted successfully!”;

If the test taker needs to correct the submitted application (the city of testing, the group of educational programs, the language of testing), go to the “My history” tab, open the application and click “Edit application”. This is possible until the application acceptance database is closed.

Applicants can independently choose the place of testing.

The cost of the entrance exam in foreign languages is 6,492 tenge.

After the end of accepting applications, the applicant can get acquainted with the information about the date, time and address of the test in his personal account.

For additional questions, please call: 8 (7172) 69-50-97.