ANNOUNCEMENT for candidates enrolled for initial professional training in the prosecutor’s office

On June 22, 2021, a meeting of the interdepartmental admissions committee was held in the building of the Academy of Law Enforcement Agencies under the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

​Based on the results of studying the final grades of candidates for entrance exams, personal files and polygraph research data, the interdepartmental admissions commission, in accordance with the stated need for law enforcement personnel, recommended the following 100 candidates for the prosecutor’s office who scored 84.44 points or higher for initial professional training:

  1. Abdrasimov Daniyar Bakhytovich, Nur-Sultan;
  2. Abdualikyzy Akmaral, Almaty;
  3. Abitaev Yersultan Yerdygululy, Nur-Sultan;
  4. Ablaikhanova Aitolkyn Zhanaydarovna, North Kazakhstan region;
  5. Aizharykova Ayymzhan Zhanabekovna, Mangystau region;
  6. Alibekova Adina Maratkyzy, Almaty;
  7. Amanzholova Karina Meiramovna, Kostanay region;
  8. Artykbayev Anuar Maksutovich, Nur-Sultan;
  9. Arsalam Yernar Marlanuly, Almaty region;
  10. Alibek Maskhutovich Asylbekov, Nur-Sultan;
  11. Akhmet Zhaksylyk Meyirbekuly, Turkestan region;
  12. Akhmetkaliyeva Aigerim Akhmetkalikyzy, East Kazakhstan region;
  13. Abish Nursultan Bekturganuly, Almaty;
  14. Abilkhanov Almas Abbasuly, Zhambyl region;
  15. Adilbek Togzhan Adilbekkyzy, East Kazakhstan region;
  16. Ali Dinmuhamed Yerzhanuly, Shymkent;
  17. Alipbayev Sairan Serikuly, Mangystau region;
  18. Aripbay Yerdos Sarsekhanuly, Shymkent;
  19. Baybulov Alibek Sultanuly, Zhambyl region;
  20. Baimagambetova Aizhan Yerdenovna, Karaganda region;
  21. Baisbayev Berik Smailovich, Almaty region;
  22. Bazarbai Zhaslan Zhumazhanuly, Aktobe region;
  23. Bektemirova Kundyz Nurbekovna, Aktobe region;
  24. Bolat Salamat Samuratuly, Aktobe region;
  25. Bolatov Beybars Bakhytuly, Nur-Sultan;
  26. Borantaev Almas Yerzhanuly, Almaty region;
  27. Bychkova Karolina Vadimovna, North Kazakhstan region;
  28. Diana V. Veselova, East Kazakhstan region;
  29. Galimzhanova Malika Askhatovna, East Kazakhstan region;
  30. Darigulov Argynbay Zhusipuly, Mangystau region;
  31. Duissenbayev Eldos Suyimbayevich, Almaty;
  32. Yerlanuly Ilyas, Almaty region;
  33. Ermash Nurkeldi Duysenalyly, GTP;
  34. Esmukhanbet Nurakhmet Berikuly, Shymkent;
  35. Zhakanbay Aidos Daurenuly, Almaty;
  36. Zhanaspayev Aybin Darkhanovich, East Kazakhstan region;
  37. Zhanatayev Nurdaulet Yerlanuly, Shymkent;
  38. Zhetpisbay Zhandos Nurgaliuly, Almaty;
  39. Yerkanat Yerlanovich Zholaev, Aktobe region;
  40. Ibrash Bekzhigit Meiramkhanuly, Kyzylorda region;
  41. Nurakhmet Abilkairovich Ismukhambetov, Nur-Sultan;
  42. Kazbekova Asem, GTP;
  43. Saken Kuandykovich Kairatov, Pavlodar region;
  44. Kaliev Talent Beibituly, North Kazakhstan Region;
  45. Kanapyanov Arman Nusupbekuly, Almaty region;
  46. Koptleuov Sultanbek Temirzhanuly, West Kazakhstan region;
  47. Yerkebulan Yermekovich Kuanyshbayev, Turkestan region;
  48. Kudabaeva Moldir Nabievna, Mangystau region;
  49. Kuzeev Yelzhan Rakymzhanovich, Aktobe region;
  50. Kaisa Adilet Bazarbayuly, Atyrau region;
  51. Kayyrbay Meyirbek Amirgaliuly, Nur-Sultan;
  52. Kanatova Nailya Kanatkyzy, Almaty;
  53. Kozbagarova Dinara Myrzabaykyzy, Mangystau region;
  54. Mamyrov Abadan Azamatovich, West Kazakhstan region;
  55. Masabek Nurkanat Seralyuly, GTP;
  56. Mahataeva Aitolkyn Baurzhanovna, GTP;
  57. Miras Zhumanazarovich Mizanbayev, Kostanay region;
  58. Moldakhmetova Madina Amantaykyzy, Kostanay region;
  59. Moldasheva Asel Maratovna, Kostanay region;
  60. Musin Shyngys Abayuly, Aktobe region;
  61. Murat Nursultan Armanuly, Nur-Sultan;
  62. Myrzagali Abay Bolatuly, Nur-Sultan;
  63. Nazar Ayazhan Beksultankyzy, GTP;
  64. Nigmetullayeva Aru Sayasatkyzy, Nur-Sultan;
  65. Yerdos Sovetkhanovich Nietov, Almaty region;
  66. Nurgozhaev Didar Talgatovich, Almaty region;
  67. Nurtoleu Ernur Kalibekovich, GTP;
  68. Nurzhanov Kazbek Nurzhanuly, Turkestan region;
  69. Orynbasar Sungat Boranbayuly, Aktobe region;
  70. Eskenbayev Yerdesbek Zholymbekuly, Shymkent;
  71. Pernesh Beksultan Kairatuly, Nur-Sultan;
  72. Raikhanova Akerke Talgatovna, Almaty region;
  73. Rakymzhanov Dalen Maratuly, Nur-Sultan;
  74. Rashken Elaman Raikanuly, Nur-Sultan;
  75. Rosieva Saltanat Serikovna, GTP;
  76. Sadvakasova Gulnaz Batyrkhanovna, North Kazakhstan region;
  77. Sakibayev Madiyar Muratuly, Almaty region;
  78. Sapakov Temirlan Baktygaliuly, Aktobe region;
  79. Sarsekeeva Zhanar Balseitovna, North Kazakhstan region;
  80. Satybaldy Nurlybek Zhanbolatuly, Almaty;
  81. Sahibai Kanat Omirgaliuly, Mangystau region;
  82. Sakenov Aman Tolegenuly, East Kazakhstan region;
  83. Satilda Akzhol Shalkaruly, GTP;
  84. Seidazym Dosbol Onerbekuly, Nur-Sultan;
  85. Seitkali Temirlan Talgatuly, Almaty region;
  86. Saladin Baglan Kemaladinuly, Kyzylorda region;
  87. Suyeuov Almat Sailauuly, Atyrau region;
  88. Murat Zhumashevich Taiganov, Pavlodar region;
  89. Temirgali Daulet Lauratuly Akmola region;
  90. Temirkyzy Akmeir, GTP;
  91. Tolepbergenov Nurlan Ospanuly, Aktobe region;
  92. Tuleeva Aida Zhaslanovna, West Kazakhstan region;
  93. Tulegenova Dana Serikovna, Almaty;
  94. Tursyn Shyngyskhan Zhanibekuly, Kostanay region;
  95. Tynyshbay Akhmet Mukhtaruly, Atyrau region;
  96. Umbet Kuanysh, Almaty;
  97. Aliya Khamitova, Akmola region;
  98. Khasenbayev Temirlan Niyazuly, East Kazakhstan region;
  99. Shubai Daniyar Temiruly, Zhambyl region;

100.Shyntemir Arystan Askhatuly, North Kazakhstan region.

In addition, 5 candidates for service in the prosecutor’s office who scored above 84.44 points were denied initial professional training by a reasoned decision of the interdepartmental admissions commission:

  1. Kanalbekov Aidos Zhumabekovich, Almaty region;
  2. Torekozhaev Kuanysh Muratuly, Shymkent;
  3. Khasenova Aidana Kabdollayevna, Pavlodar region;
  4. Kozhakhanov Alikhan Myrzakhanuly, GTP;
  5. Imash Sandugash Burkitbaykyzy, Almaty;

In accordance with paragraph 43 Rules of selection for initial professional training and conditions for its passage for persons entering the service of the Prosecutor’s office, the anti-corruption service and the economic investigation service, as well as the grounds for their deduction from the initial professional training, approved by the Local Order of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 80 dated June 26, 2020, the Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Anti-Corruption Service) No. 199 dated June 29, 2020 and the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 675 dated July 14, 2020, candidates, recommended for initial professional training, within three working days from the date of the decision, provide the personnel service at the place of residence with an exhaustive list of documents specified in this paragraph for conducting a mandatory special check.

According to the order of the Rector of the Academy, the recommended candidates for initial professional training will be enrolled in the Academy from July 1, 2021.

Training sessions will begin on July 1, 2021.

In this regard, the enrolled candidates must arrive at the Academy of Law Enforcement Agencies under the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan on June 30, 2021 from 10:00 to 20:00 (16, Republic Street, Kosshy village, Akmola region).

You must have with you:

✓ original identity card;

✓ a certificate of a negative PCR test (including a vaccination passport);

✓ camouflage-colored uniform (hakka) with a cap;

✓ for men: leather boots with high boots in black,

✓ for girls: boots, black shoes without heels;

✓ business clothing (for men: suit, tie, shirt, shoes; for girls: skirt, blouse, shoes without heels);

✓ T-shirts: camouflage colors and solid color;

✓ personal hygiene items;

✓ sports uniforms, including sneakers;

✓ a bank card of “Halyk Bank” or “Kaspibank” for the transfer of the scholarship;

✓ stationery (pens, simple pencils, markers, notebooks, common in the amount of 20 pieces).

For all questions regarding uniforms, enrolled candidates should contact the responsible employee of the Academy, Taizhanov Bolatbek Abdigaparovich (8-777-883-11-24).

If signs of acute respiratory viral infections or a positive PCR test appear before arriving at the Academy, the candidate should contact the medical institution at the place of residence with a sick leave and immediately notify the Academy (responsible employee Zhylkybayeva Marhaba Bolatovna 8-777-406-22-74). After recovery, the candidate must come to the Academy to study (have a sick leave and a certificate of a negative PCR test with him).

Academy of Law Enforcement Agencies

under the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan