Meeting of the State Attestation Commission

The Academy of Law Enforcement Agencies held a meeting of the State Attestation Commission for the admission of a comprehensive exam for undergraduates of the 2020 enrollment in the educational program “Law Enforcement”.

Conducting a comprehensive exam as a form of final certification is now an important stage in the development of a new direction of postgraduate education in the Academy – the program of specialized master’s degree with distance learning.

Upon completion of the training, master’s students from among the representatives of the senior staff of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Emergency Situations pass the final certification.

The State Attestation Commission includes highly qualified scientists and practitioners: Doctor of Law, Professor Almaz Eschanov (Chairman of the commission), Marat Nurmukhamedov, Burkut Nurmagambetov, Almaz Yeshnazarov, Nurgali Rakhimov.

According to the results of the exam, all undergraduates received good grades. The members of the commission noted the high level of training of students.