On November 26, 2020, a regular meeting of the Academic Council of the Academy was held.

At the meeting, the candidates of scientific consultants of doctoral students enrolled in 2020 were considered, reports of the heads of departments “On the introduction of information technologies in the Academy: state and prospects” and “On the state of the library fund and the results of work on the development of the Academy’s library” were heard, and the candidates of the Academy’s employees and students were approved for placement on the “Honor Board”.

The decision of the Academic Council recommended for publication Practical recommendations “Fundamentals of negotiation for law enforcement officers” (author Kaliev A.A.), Methodological recommendations for conducting simulation training “Development of investigative and operational work skills” (author Kaliev A.A.) and Methodological recommendations for pre-trial investigation of secret theft of other people’s livestock (authors: R.A. Mediev, N.K. Imangaliev).