Analysis of problems in the field of domestic violence

The Interdepartmental Research Institute of the Academy of Law Enforcement Agencies, on behalf of the Security Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan, conducted a criminological express study in the field of domestic violence.

As the analysis showed, despite the strengthening of legislative measures to prevent domestic violence, a breakthrough in overcoming the situation could not be achieved. Every year, the police issue more than 60 thousand protective orders, and special requirements for behavior are established for more than 8 thousand people.

In addition, domestic violence has a very high latency. For example, 70-90% of women who suffer from tyrant husbands do not seek help from the police for a long time. The victim of violence for various reasons does not want to inform others about what is happening in the family.

According to the results of the study, scientists have developed a set of measures aimed at ensuring security in the field of family and household relations.

First of all, it is proposed to systematically conduct effective monitoring of the situation related to domestic violence.

For this purpose, it is recommended to define the fight against domestic violence and social disadvantage as an important indicator for evaluating the work of local executive bodies. In order to systematize funding in this area, it is considered necessary to form a separate budget program to combat violence.

It is also proposed to create a coordinating body for family, children and youth affairs in the structure of akimats, and to increase the involvement of citizens in the system of prevention of domestic violence. Organize psychocorrection programs for family rowdies in the regions.

The results of the express study were positively evaluated. The Academy’s proposals will be considered within the framework of the draft law “On Countering Family and Domestic Violence”, as well as in preparation for the upcoming thematic meeting of the Coordinating Council for Ensuring Law and Order and Combating Crime.