The results of the Academy’s work for 2020 are summed up

At the meeting of the Academic Council of the Academy of Law Enforcement Agencies, the results of the work for 2020 were summed up, and tasks for the upcoming period were defined.

As the Rector of the Academy Yergali Merzadinov noted in his speech, the expiring year was marked by a number of important events for the university.

By the decision of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the CIS, the Academy was awarded the status of a basic organization for retraining and advanced training of prosecutor’s and investigative staff of the prosecutor’s offices of the CIS member states.

The first recruitment for initial professional training of persons wishing to enter the law enforcement service took place.

Out of 460 candidates, 170 were enrolled for training.

This is a new training institute.

Now, to enter the Prosecutor’s office, the Anti-Corruption Service and the Economic Investigation Service, specialists who do not have experience in law enforcement must be trained at the Academy of Law Enforcement Agencies (1 year for the Prosecutor’s Office, 6 months for the Anti-Corruption Service and the Economic Investigation Service).

This year, we have implemented a master’s degree program with distance learning. The first 10 undergraduates were recruited.

The volume of the state order in the master’s degree program of the specialized and scientific-pedagogical direction has been increased by 20 units.

As a result, in 2020, a new set of 68 undergraduates and 10 doctoral students was conducted.

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the entire educational process has been transferred to a remote format, for which appropriate IT platforms have been developed, and all the planned programs have been implemented.

Also in this year, 4 interdepartmental scientific studies on issues relevant to the law enforcement system were completed.

The practical orientation and practical value of the results of the research work of the university are noted. A number of studies were positively evaluated by the Presidential Administration, the Senate of the Parliament, and the Prosecutor General’s Office.

In just 5 years since its establishment, the Academy has improved the qualifications of more than 9 thousand employees, conducted more than 50 international scientific and educational events, graduated 176 undergraduates and doctoral students, completed 30 interdepartmental research studies and about 40 rapid analyses.

As a result of the meeting, priority tasks for the upcoming period were identified.

Among them, the implementation of 7 interdepartmental scientific research, international events in the framework of the status of the Basic organization of the CIS, the construction of the cyber range and criminological ground for carrying out simulation exercises and practical skills.

Taking into account the gradual introduction of the three-tier model of the criminal process, the increasing role of the Academy as the main center for improving the skills of prosecutors is noted