Start of an important educational project

Kazakhstan has introduced the institute of initial professional training of persons entering the service of law enforcement agencies for the first time.

Now, to enter the Prosecutor’s office, the Аnti-Сorruption Service and the Economic Investigation Service, specialists who do not have experience in law enforcement must be trained at the Academy of Law Enforcement Agencies (1 year for the prosecutor’s Office, 6 months for the Аnti-Сorruption Service and the Economic Investigation Service).

Today, in the classrooms began classes for the first students in the new program.

Applicants have passed all stages of selection, passed the entrance exam, according to the results of which 170 out of 460 candidates were enrolled for study.

The professional training program is a conceptually new educational product. Its main feature is the in-depth practical orientation of training, the specialized nature of academic disciplines, and internships in specialized organizations.

In particular, the training program for the Prosecutor’s Office provides for the development of skills in all branches of supervision. The senior students enrolled in the service of economic investigation was to study in depth investigative work.

The training is aimed at replenishing and improving professional knowledge and skills, developing personal competencies and communication skills. The educational modules are based on trainings, case studies, and simulations.

All this will help to prepare students for work as much as possible, to help them successfully pass professional adaptation.

The experience gained by the Academy of advanced training allows us to provide a basis for the effective implementation of the project, the formation of the professional core of the law enforcement service.