Announcement of selection for initial professional training for persons entering the service of the Prosecutor’s Office for the first time

The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan announces the selection for initial professional training for persons entering the law enforcement service for the first time.

The selection is held for the post of Prosecutor of Prosecutor’s office of the district/city (category C-RGP-5), whose responsibilities included implementation in accordance with legal limits and forms of the Supreme supervision over the observance of legality in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the representation of the state in court and on behalf of the state prosecution.

The minimum wage is ₸ 164,052

Acceptance of documents for participation in the selection is carried out by the territorial divisions of the prosecutor’s office (contact phone numbers and addresses are listed below) until March 25, 2021.

To participate in the selection process for initial professional training, candidates must:

  • pass a test, including an assessment of personal qualities in the authorized body for civil service affairs (according to the corresponding program for law enforcement service positions);
  • submit the following documents to the territorial divisions of law enforcement agencies (to the body planned for admission):

– application of the established sample;

– a copy of the identity document of a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

— copies of documents on education, as well as documents confirming the completion of the procedure of nostrification or recognized in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education” (for diplomas issued by foreign educational institutions, the original for verification);

— completed detailed autobiography, written by himself, with an indication of close relatives, including ex-spouses, in the prescribed form;

– a statement of consent to serve in any region;

– a military ID card or a military identification card.

Providing an incomplete list of documents, as well as in violation of the established deadline, is the basis for refusing to participate in the selection.

Basic requirements for candidates:

  1. Citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  2. Age from 18 years, but not older than 35 years.
  3. Higher legal education.

In the selection following persons cannot participate:

1) recognized as legally incompetent or with limited legal capacity;

2) for which, within a year before entering the law enforcement service, an administrative penalty was imposed in court for an intentional offense;

3) for which, within three years before entering the law enforcement service, an administrative penalty was imposed in court for committing a corruption offense;

4) for which for three years before entering the service for a criminal misdemeanor conviction or court for three years before entering the service are exempt from criminal responsibility for committing a criminal offence on the basis of points 3), 4), 9), 10) and 12) of the first part of article 35 or article 36 of the Criminal procedure code of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

5) who committed a corruption crime;

6) dismissed from work for committing a corruption offense;

7) previously convicted or released from criminal liability for committing a crime on the basis of the following paragraphs 3), 4), 9), 10) and 12) of the first part of Article 35 or Article 36 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as dismissed for negative reasons from the civil service, from other law enforcement agencies, special state bodies, courts and justice bodies.

The selection for initial professional training includes the following stages:

1) acceptance of documents from citizens who have expressed a desire to participate in the selection;

2) passing an interview in the territorial divisions of the prosecutor’s office;

3) the passage of medical and physiological examination at the military-medical commissions;

4) passing a polygraph examination;

5) passing the exam at the Academy of Law Enforcement Agencies under the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter-the Academy).

The exam at the Academy is conducted in the form of oral answers of the candidate to the three questions of the exam ticket and additional questions of the commission members.

The exam will be conducted in the following disciplines and regulatory legal acts:

  • constitutional law;
  • criminal law;
  • criminal procedure law;
  • administrative law;
  • Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan ” On Law Enforcement Service»;
  • The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Combating Corruption»;
  • The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On the Civil Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

Candidates who successfully pass the selection process will receive initial professional training at the Academy.

The period of initial professional training is:

1 year (6 months of training at the Academy +6 months of internship).

For the period of initial professional training, candidates are provided with a scholarship in the amount of ₸40,532

Candidates who have successfully completed the initial professional training are enrolled in the law enforcement service, and the appointment to the position will be made without a probationary period, while at the same time assigning a class rank.

Candidates for admission to the law enforcement service must be ready to accept the restrictions associated with staying in the law enforcement service and anti-corruption restrictions.

Restrictions related to staying in the law enforcement service:

The employee is not entitled to:

1) be the Deputy representative bodies and on the bodies of local self-government, to political parties, trade unions, to support any political party, to create the system of law enforcement bodies, public associations that pursue political goals based on their common professional interests for the presentation and protection of labour, as well as other socio-economic rights and interests of its members and better working conditions;

2) engage in other paid activities, except for teaching, scientific and other creative activities;

3) engage in entrepreneurial activity, including participation in the management of a commercial organization, regardless of its organizational and legal form;

4) be a representative in the affairs of third parties, except in cases provided for by law;

5) use for non-official purposes the means of material, technical, financial and information support of his official activities, other state property and official information;

6) participate in actions that hinder the normal functioning of state bodies and the performance of official duties, including strikes;

7) in connection with the performance of official duties, use the services of individuals and legal entities for personal purposes;

8) use their official position for selfish purposes, including through collusion with officials and other persons;

9) hold a position that is directly subordinate to the position held by his close relatives (parents, children, adoptive parents, adopted children, full and half brothers and sisters, grandfathers, grandmothers, grandchildren) or a spouse (spouse).

An employee, in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, within a month after taking office, is obliged to transfer to the trust management the shares (shares of participation in the authorized capital) of commercial organizations and other property, the use of which entails income, with the exception of money, bonds, shares of open and interval mutual investment funds, legally owned by him, as well as other property transferred to the property lease. The contract for the trust management of property is subject to notarization.

The employee has the right to receive income from the property transferred to the trust management, including in the form of remuneration, dividends, winnings, income from the rental of property and other legal sources.

Anti-corruption restrictions on:

1) carrying out activities that are incompatible with the performance of state functions;

2) the inadmissibility of joint service (work) of close relatives, spouses and relatives;

3) the use of official and other information that is not subject to official dissemination, in order to obtain or extract property and non-property benefits and advantages;

4) accepting gifts in connection with the performance of official duties in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, except for cases established by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The selection procedure and conditions for the completion of the initial training is governed by Joint order of the Prosecutor General from 26 June 2020 No. 80, Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 14, 2020 No. 675 and Chairman of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on combating corruption (anti-corruption service) of 29 June 2020 No. 199 “On approval of Rules for the selection in the initial training and the conditions of its passage for those entering the service of the prosecutors, anti-corruption agencies and economic investigation service, as well as the grounds for their deduction from the initial professional training.”

Phone number for inquiries at the Academy: 8-778-672-66-24

Addresses of the location of the territorial divisions of the prosecutor’s office that accept documents for selection and contact phone numbers:

Bodies of Prosecutor’s office:

Name of the body Contact phone number Postal address
1. Prosecutor’s Office of the city of Nursultan 8 (7172) 71- 21- 12

8 (7172) 71- 24- 07

8 (7172) 71- 24- 16

010000, Nur-Sulta, Kabanbay batyr avenue, 31
2. Prosecutor’s Office of Almaty 8 (7272) 265-05-15

8(7272) 265-04-41

050000, Almaty, Zheltoksan street, 189
3. Prosecutor’s Office of Shymkent 8 (7252) 53-47-42 160000, Shymkent, Tauke khan avenue, 97
4. Prosecutor’s Office Almaty region 8 (7282) 24-17-81
8 (7282) 24-81-16
040000, Taldykorgan, M.Tolebayev street, 51
5. Prosecutor’s Office Akmola region 8 (7162) 25-05-93 020000, Kokshetau, Birzhan Sal street, 45
6. Prosecutor’s Office Aktobe region 8 (7132) 90- 14-58

8 (7132) 90- 14-59

030000, Aktobe, Seyitov street, 6
7. Prosecutor’s Office Atyrau region 8 (7122) 27-08-01 060011, Atyrau, A.Moldagulova street, 245
8. Prosecutor’s Office East Kazakhstan region 8 (7232) 24-18-24 070004, Oskemen, Permitin street, 21
9. Prosecutor’s Office Zhambyl region 8 (7262) 45- 29- 41 080000, Taraz, M.Kh. Dulati street, 23
10. Prosecutor’s Office West Kazakhstan region 8 (7112) 50 -33- 47 090000, Oral, Zh.Moldagaliyev street, 23
11. Prosecutor’s Office of the Karaganda region 8 (7212) 35-35-95 100026, Karaganda, Stroiteley street, 28а
12. Prosecutor’s Office Kostanay region 8 (7142) 53-41-38

8 (7142) 54-94-86

110000, Kostanay, Altynsarin street, 118А
13. Prosecutor’s Office of the Kyzylorda region 8 (7242) 27-43-75 120001, Kyzylorda, Nurmakov street, 1
14. Prosecutor’s Office of Mangistau region 8 (7292) 42-34-10 (вн.121) 130000, Aktau, 15 microdistrict, building # 56/1
15. Prosecutor’s Office Pavlodar region 8 (7182) 31- 50- 82 140000, Pavlodar, Lermontava street, 3
16. Prosecutor’s Office North Kazakhstan region 8 (7152) 46-14-87 150000, Petropavlovsk, Constitution of Kazakhstan street, 15
17. Prosecutor’s Office of the Turkestan region 8 (7253)34-12-46 161200, Turkestan, Kozhanov street, 44 Б
18. Main Transport Prosecutor’s Office 8 (7172) 71- 22- 20 010000, Nur-Sultan, Mangilik Yel avenue, 14